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The Louisville TimeBank seeks to create a network of individuals and organizations that support and empower each other, which builds a social safety net that moves us towards being a more interdependent and resilient community.

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Louisville TimeBank featured in TechRepublic December 2015

Timebanking: The true sharing economy lets you swap good deeds with neighbors 


Louisville TimeBank Featured on Louisville Metro TV’s Common Ground

This is our favorite video about the Louisville TimeBank! It really shows the community connection that is brought about by being active in the TimeBank.

 TimeBanking was created

over 40 years ago as an organized way to pay-it-forward. Every hour a member invests by helping another in the TimeBank can be exchanged for an hour of any service being offered by other members of  the TimeBank.

Members have offered music lessons, rides to medical appointments, pet sitting and much, much more; all the while building ties of community, trust and friendship.

On the surface this premise seems simple, but when looked at more deeply, TimeBanking offers new ways of thinking about time, wealth and community.